Monday, February 6, 2012

Research week 2/6 - 2/13

Tasks to Complete:
- Veronica informed me of availability of students for testing BOTS... I will complete and submit an IRB immediately (preferably on wednesday).
- Re-write tutorial level dialogue to be more clear.

For solution similarity:
- Get several examples of BLG data / solutions
- Get several examples of BOTS data / solutions

Research Week 1/30-2/5 2012

Tasks completed this week:
-Logging system for BOTS fully implemented. Testing with middle schoolers in SPARKS revealed a couple of errors that needed to be fixed to ensure complete records.
-Tutorial System cleaned up and implemented.
- Began working on an algorithm to determine similarity of solutions where solution elements can have any number of steps between. Looking into using regular expressions, but this will only work for elements we know... looking at ITS literature to find other solutions

Tasks to complete:
- Complete "similarity of solutions" algorithm and test it on both BLG data and BOTS data
- Construct better tutorial levels
- Run several studies on basic game elements